I created the Vegan News API after watching documentaries on netflix, researching peer reviewed studies and experimenting with a plant based diet, these documentaries included:

The inspiration provided by these documentaries along with the personal health benefits i have experienced made me want to create more applications and services to help the movement and raise awarness. This lead me to creating this API in an attempt to easily allow other developers to acess the latest news related to this lifestyle and movement.

Using the Endpoint /getNews

The response will contain the latest news from around the world related to Veganism & a plant based lifestyle.

Sample Response

"service":"Ve News"
"articles":[...]20 items

Sample Article Object

"title":"Impossible Foods Sets New Challenge for Beyond Meat Stock"
"description":"Beyond Meat has taken advantage of expanding interest in vegan products as the COVID-19 pandemic reduced meat supplies, but competitor Impossible Foods has thrown down the gauntlet with a new direct-to-consumer website."
"source":{...}2 items
"content":"Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) has been riding the wave of its rollout of plant-based burgers in China this week. But competitor Impossible Foods has thrown down the gauntlet in the United States with a … [+3935 chars]"

The API can be accessed through the RapidAPI platform

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