I've recently found a love for writing tutorials on subjects i have lots of experience with, this is a combination of technical topics as well as self-improvement ideas and strategies.

I don't regularly post on social media or anywhere for that matter ( I usually choose getting lost in code ), but I'm writing this during the covid-19 pandemic and sitting in front of my laptop programming for hours on end during a continuous WFH without social contact isn't good for anyone's mental health.

A few hours after I published my first article on medium I was contacted by the publication "The Startup" who asked me if I would like to publish with them ... so of course, I said yes.

I find writing educational content pretty therapeutic and it definitely opens up the door for more social interaction, even if it is just online, it also helps me feel better about those sleepless nights when my overactive brain won't let me sleep but instead subjects me to ceiling duty.

You can find some of the articles I've written on Medium here.